Does IJMBE have an Official Website?

No, any websites who claims to be IJMB official website is only looking for victims to scam and defraud, so be warned! We serve as a registered educational entity partnering with various accredited IJMB study centres nationwide, with the sole aim of registering interested IJMB applicants to various IJMB centre that is closer to their location, that’s the fair advantage we have over others.

Why do we have differents IJMB websites online?

It shoud be noted that IJMBE is owned and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University zaria, thus in a way to spread the operationability and acceptability of the programme, It thereby gives affiliation to different other institutions among study centers nationwide. Therefore giving rise to different study centres, and every of this centres strifes to own a website in other to promote their own IJMB centre so as to get students registered.

However, not all these study centres or website(s) are accredited or affiliated to be operating the programme. It is for this reason we advise all prospective applicant of the programme to register with us, as we only partner with genuine study centers nationwide which is closer to applicant location among other benefits.

How do i know genuine IJMB study centres or website?

Our core value is transparency and flexibility, It is for this reason we only partner with genuine affiliated study centers nationwide. Thus, prospective aspirants are advised to register with us online to any of these our partnering study centres within their proximity.

How Long is my IJMB result Valid?

IJMBE certificate are valid for life compared to JAMB(UTME) that expires after a year.

Why do we have so many IJMBE examination failure?

This is caused by applicants refusal to study in the right study center either due to Ignorance, distance or financial budget.

Why do i recieve sms of different bank accounts for IJMB registration?

Most often than none, this is because you have called and spoken with different IJMB numbers online, thereby giving you diverse information. You are warned never to pay any amount, no matter how small to personal account e.g Mr. Olamide Ogbonna or account having IJMB inscription e.g IJMB registration fee (without been an institution), but pay only to account name which bears corresponding name on the invoice you print on our website.

Please note that, the moderating body i.e ABU zaria owns the official trademark acronym IJMB or IJMBE, So therefore any person(s) or organisation(s) who uses such as account name is an imposter and possibly out there to get victims to scam.


I was told ilorin is the only accredited IJMBE centre?

No, their is no iota of truth in it. IJMBE accredited institution among other study centres operates in different locations nationwide.

I want to study at UNILORIN, does it mean my centre has to be in ilorin?

No, please note that IJMBE programme leading to the award of its certificate can be done at any location and be used for admission at any preferred university nationwide.

I already applied for JAMB, can i still apply for IJMBE?

Yes, this give such applicants multiple choice of admission.

How guaranteed is the admission into 200level?

Basically, IJMB is for the serious students, as yearly more than 90% of students who registered with us successfully secure admission into their preferred university and course. Hence, our partnership with differents institutions gives our applicants higher advantages.

When am I to pay my tuition fee?

Tuition fee are to be paid either partly or in whole at applicant respective chosen study centres upon arrival for clearance and/or resumption. Thus, we encourage applicants to have financial possession of their fees before the clearance and/or resumption date on their registration printout.

Why are your partnering study centres addresses not disclosed before registration?

This is so because, all our accredited partnering study centres has limited numbers of students it can accommodate. Thus, candidates are expected to choose a centre of his/her choice depending on the centres that are still available (i.e not yet filled up) at the time of such registration. Therefore, it is advisable for prospective candidates to register in time, in other to meet up to their desired study centre location.